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Each original painting is produced with only the finest materials. I use archival quality 100% acid free canvas and high quality paint which performs to superior levels in color brilliance and depth. On average my paintings take about two months to complete depending on the size and detail of the subject. Because of the style and quality painting I do, I am only able to produce 6 or 7 new paintings each year.

Each original drawing is also produced with the finest materials. I use archival quality 100% acid free paper with graphite or a combination of graphite and charcoal. Graphite and charcoal used in combination helps to add realistic textures, tonal graduations, and depth to the artwork. As with my paintings, because of the style and quality of drawing that I do I am only able to produce a few pieces each year.

Limited Edition Prints:

These prints are produced with great care for the purpose of making my art more widely availiable. These reproductions are printed on either canvas or acid free paper and are ready to frame. They are the same aize as the original and the quality makes it hard to tell the difference between it and the original artwork. All Limited Edition prints come with a certificate of authenticity that shows the name of the print, the size of the edition, the number of the print and the year it was published.

Open Edition Prints:

These prints are usually available after a limited edition has been sold out for awhile. On occasion, I will produce a piece that I want to make available to everyone and I will offer it as an open edition rather than a limited edition. Open Edition prints are also high quality, but they are usually much smaller than the original and a fraction of the cost of a Limited Edition.

Disadvantages of the Internet:

Computers and imaging equipment have made tremendous improvements in visual technology, but as with anything that is reproduced it is not as good as the original. The images on this site are not able to allow you to see the actual detail and exact color as the original art work appears. To say it more simply, nothing compares to seeing something in person. that is why I offer a NO-RISK Guarantee on all my art work. I know that if you like what you see on this web site then you will love what you see when it is delivered to you and hanging on your wall.

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Attention Art Galleries and Art Wholesalers:

All wholesale inguiries are welcomed. If you are interested in carrying my work as a part of your retail selection please click on the following link.

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